Fortuna is the Latin word for Fortune.

We are like leaves floating on a river, carried along by forces we cannot control to a future we cannot know. No matter how much we try to control our fate, it is ultimately beyond our ability. This Hexikon investigates six forces that influence our destiny.




Blessings continually rain down on us from above.

We are children whose Father gladly gives us good gifts. All we have to do is to turn to Him and ask. We become Children of Light by being a blessing to others.



A curse is an act of will that harms another.

To curse is a kind of spiritual venom that can injure a person emotionally or spiritually. Anger, fear, and judgment are all poisons of the soul.


Wishes represent the deepest desires of our soul,
the embodiment of that which will make us most happy.
We should cherish our wishes because doing so sustains hope.

Hope feeds the soul.



The patterns of our souls are woven into the tapestry of the universe. Spoken into being by the Creator, each of us are words in the Great Story of the world.

Our lives are joined with the lives of others.



We are surrounded by Goodness. Accepting Goodness is the natural state of those who have a connection with the Creator, and engage in a loving relationship with His creation.



A Jinx is an accident, a shadow that falls on your soul.

The flow of Goodness that naturally emanates from the world can become blocked, either through our own actions or the actions of others. When this blockage of positivity occurs, negativity may arise to fill the void.

Please allow for minor variations.