Each Hexikon is a collection of six original prints, affixed to a solid cedar cube. The six images work together to fully explore the theme of the Hexikon. The images can stand alone, but they were designed to be viewed and considered as a group. Often, two images are paired off on opposite sides of the cube, their meanings either opposing or complementing each other.

Above all, Hexikons invite you to touch them and hold them in your hand. They beg to be examined and studied, guiding you in contemplation, meditation, and enjoyment.

To make a Hexikon, Stephen starts with a 4 x 4" cube of solid cedar. He then shapes the cube by rounding off the edges and corners. The cube is then primed with artist's gesso and painted with two coats of metallic paint. The prints, made on 100% cotton paper, are attached to the cube using archival book-binder's glue. Finally, each Hexikon is finished with four coats of durable polyurithane. This ensures that the cubes have a tough, hard coating so they can enjoy a lifetime of touching and handling.

Please allow for minor variations.