Oneiros is the Greek word for Dreams.

This Hexikon contains images inspired from Stephen's dreams, and informed by archetypes encountered there. In dreams, we experience our deepest creativity, and where we come into contact with our deepest and truest selves. The study of our dreams is the golden path to self-knowledge and wisdom.




In this world, there are two types of change: decay and Transformation. Decay is a downward spiral, difficult to escape, but Transformation is a rebirth into a new reality. Embrace change with trust and joy, and Transformation will surely follow.



Hoarding his gold, the Great Serpent seeks to enfold the entire earth. Possessiveness and greed leads to spiritual death. Only through love and selflessness can we gain wealth of true value.

Our souls are described by what we cling to and what we discard.


The Inner Eye is the lamp-post of our dreams, illuminating our paths of discovery. For by walking the darkened halls of our dreams will we uncover the artifacts of our souls.

Be fearless in your inner journeys, for in that world faith and expectations are richly rewarded.



In our lives, we are surrounded by influences,
both great and small. We must tread our path with care, trusting in goodness and love.

Within our dreams, the influences of our lives become enfleshed in visible substance. Their appearance and forms in dreams give us clues about the decisions we must make.



Dreams of flight represent spiritual ecstasy, freedom, and joy.

Guarding the eggs of the Unborn Souls, the Spirit of Flight challenges us to fly. For only by denying the bounds of earth can we let go of the spiritual burdens we carry and truly be free.



Filling the sky, ever looming on the horizon, Fear can dominate the landscape of the soul. We must face our fears, run to them and embrace them, for that is the only way Fear can be healed.

That is healed in your dreams is healed in your life.

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